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Understanding the festive season 2020

2020 is a year of unprecedented change and unpredictability, which presents major challenges for advertisers trying to plan their activity. With one of the biggest spending events of the year coming up, Quantcast set out to understand how the changes are affecting consumer attitudes towards the festive season, and what is most important to consumers this year.

Quantcast partnered with research specialist Dynata to conduct a study among over 1000 UK consumers, as well as diving into our own first party data, to uncover key trends regarding:

  • What relevance Christmas holds for consumers this year
  • How their spending will differ from previous years
  • What impact government-imposed restrictions have on consumers’ plans and
  • Which messaging resonates most this year

Attitudes towards the holidays 2020 Christmas is important.

With everything that happened this year, it would be unsurprising if people weren’t in the mood for a big celebration.

However, quite to the contrary, when asked about their attitude towards and plans for Christmas this year, the vast majority of UK consumers indicated that they will be celebrating it, and placing great importance in it.

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