Advertise Customer Success Story Quantcast helped Everlane launch a new sneaker line with 9x return on ad spend

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Everlane is a US fashion brand that has been selling modern basics clothing since 2010.
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The Challenge

Looking to accelerate growth and reinforce brand value, Everlane and Sender Agency partnered with Quantcast to successfully launch their new sneaker line, Tread.

Growing sales by reaching new audiences

Return on ad spend
Cost per ad decreased
“Quantcast helped Everlane identify their core audiences and effectively target them. It had a remarkable impact, successfully achieving all objectives and proving the value of the media investment.” Richard Tubman, Co-Founder at Sender Agency

The Solution

Quantcast insights identified three key psychographic targets for Everlane:

  • “Young Urban” likely to change brand variety and novelty
  • “Fashionistas” love to be on the cutting edge of new products
  • Interested in similar brands or sustainable brands.

Sender agency worked with Quantcast to develop a digital strategy that included a mix of engaging Video formats and action-driven creatives. Using a mix of formats helped guide Everlane’s customers across the journey from brand awareness to purchase.

Quantcast’s unique ability to target custom audiences allowed Everlane to achieve scaled reach, getting its new line of sneakers in front of more than 26 million relevant prospects.

In addition, the campaign successfully influenced the ‘path to purchase’, leading to strong conversion rates, and proving the impact of scalable yet highly targeted display advertising.

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